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As a film maker, my goal is to create a STORY not just highlights of the day. A truly unique and passionate film is rich in portraying a story of the couple, and how the Lord crossed their paths to become united. As a Christian artist, I desire to have Christ at the center focal point of the film. Marriage is a God-created union and should be treated as such. My films dig in deep to reveal the couple's experiences of growing and running towards the cross together hand in hand!


"Britton did an absolutely fantastic job as the videographer for our wedding! Not only did she do stellar work, she truly went above and beyond to make the day completely perfect. She was so kind to everyone involved in the wedding, worked perfectly with the photographers, and even helped to carry the train of my dress and put my veil in when it fell out! The video was completed quickly and was more incredible than we could have ever imagined. Britton even mailed us hard copies of the video and raw footage from the day! When we began planning, we weren’t certain that a wedding video was at the top of our priority list, but it was absolutely the greatest investment—we are so glad to have had Britton there to capture the day so perfectly!"

Jenny Kate Karr



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