Creative. Detail-Oriented.

Hello there! I'm Britton Webb, and I absolutely love capturing some of life's greatest moments through film! I've been filming almost everything since my parents put a digital camera in my hands when I was eleven. After several years of filming as a hobby, I was itching to create films with more purpose and emotion. Weddings were a perfect way to use my talent in a way that impacts people. I get to create films that families will enjoy for a lifetime! How cool is that?!


My greatest blessing in life are my sisters. I am one of four girls! (Talk about how expensive weddings will be... ) My sisters have always said that I was born with an eye for beauty. Growing up, I realized I love working with people and helping them cherish their most treasured moments. My sisters pushed me to pursue  my passion for film. It  has introduced me to individuals and families from all walks of life.



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